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Wildlife Exotic Flora Relaxation

3 days | MANU 01

Wildlife, Exotic Flora & Relaxation


Starting from the Andean highlands we will lead you to the Cloud Forest of the Manu National Park at the eastern slopes of the Andes with its incomparable flora and fauna. The Manu Eco Lodge TAMBO PAITITI is a paradise for bird watching and other wildlife observation. You will also discover an incredible variety of orchids, ferns and other exotic plants.

Wildlife Observation Nature Experience Photography Recreation

4 days | MANU 02

Wildlife Observation, Nature Experience, Photography & Recreation


We invite you to experience one of the last paradises on earth: the Cloud Forest of the Manu National Park at the eastern slopes of the Andes. Its variety of fauna and flora can hardly be found in any other jungle region. Our Manu lodge TAMBO PAITITI offers numerous possibilities for wildlife observation and for the understanding of the Amazon Rainforest. Discover the incredible diversity of orchids, ferns, and other exotic plants, and regenerate energies in the middle of the evergreen Cloud Forest.

Amazon Alive for Beginners and Advanced Travellers

5 days | MANU 02-B

Amazon Alive: For Beginners and advanced Travellers


Dive into the world of the jungle for five days and experience the world of colors and sounds of this unique nature. You can see birds, monkeys, butterflies and other wild animals, discover exotic plant life and experience the immense diversity of the rainforest ecosystem. Our Manu Lodges TAMBO PAITITI in the Cloud Forest of the Manu National Park and TAMBO EORI in the lowland rainforest offer the best opportunities for a variety of nature discovery expeditions.