Manu National Park Cloud Forest

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4 days / 3 nights


Wildlife Observation, Nature Experience, Photography & Recreation


We invite you to experience one of the last paradises on earth: the Cloud Forest of the Manu National Park at the eastern slopes of the Andes. Its variety of fauna and flora can hardly be found in any other jungle region. Our Manu lodge TAMBO PAITITI offers numerous possibilities for wildlife observation and for the understanding of the Amazon Rainforest. Discover the incredible diversity of orchids, ferns, and other exotic plants, and regenerate energies in the middle of the evergreen Cloud Forest.

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Manu National Park Cloud Forest
  • Day 01: Cusco - TAMBO PAITITI



  • Day 04: TAMBO PAITITI - Cusco

Day 01: Cusco - TAMBO PAITITI

We will pick you up at your hotel in Cusco in the early morning. First, we are passing the Andean Highlands with its impressive landscapes and small communities. After our last uphill, behind the colonial village of Paucartambo, we will reach the Acjanaco Pass (3550 m/ 11.6467 ft.), the entrance to the Manu National Park. From here you can enjoy a spectacular view over the eastern slopes of the Andes and the giant green carpet of the Amazon rainforest. During our last 50 kilometers (31 miles), we are descending about 2000 meters (6560 ft.) of altitude! You will experience the fascinating change from the barren Altiplano to the diverse flora and fauna of the Manu Cloud Forest. The journey ends at the bridge over the San Pedro River. From here a short jungle hike leads to our Manu Lodge TAMBO PAITITI (1470 m/ 4.826 ft.), uniquely situated on a high plateau above the river. (L, D)


The lodge itself and its immediate surroundings offer numerous opportunities for the observation of birds, monkeys and other animals during an extensive breakfast. The Cloud Forest is habitat of the colourful Andean Cock of the Rock (Peruvian national bird) and many other species of birds like Toucan, Quetzal, Tanager, Motmot, Oropendola and a variety of hummingbirds. Woolly Monkeys (the largest monkeys of the Amazon Region) and Brown Capuchin Monkeys are frequently seen guests. With a bit of luck, you might observe the Tayra, Agouti, Southern Tamandua or South American Coati. You will also find butterflies of all shapes and sizes. The Manu Cloud Forest is also habitat of the Night Monkey, the rare Spectacled Bear, Jaguarondi, Ocelot, Puma, Weasel, Otter, squirrels, a large family of rodents and bats, and reptiles and amphibians, like the glass frog. Our guide will lead you along small trails through the Cloud Forest and explain flora and fauna of the Manu National Park. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of orchids and other plants of the jungle around the lodge! Of course, you may also just relax observing nature from the terraces of TAMBO PAITITI, or have a refreshing bath in the San Pedro River. (B, L, D)


Every day in the Cloud Forest offers new possibilities and perspectives. Today you can start with our guide for another hike through the jungle. You will not walk long distances, but will focus on the beauty and wonders of nature for a deeper understanding of the rainforest ecosystem. If you enjoy photography, you may take your time today. If you would like to do some exploring during darkness, take advantage of our garden and discover cicadas, stick insects, praying mantis or tiny frogs with your flashlight. (F, M, A)

Day 04: TAMBO PAITITI - Cusco

This morning offers another opportunity for the observation of the Manu Cloud Forest’s wildlife. Then you have to say goodbye to TAMBO PAITITI. On the way back, there are numerous opportunities for a photo stop, and probably you will have some more possibilities for wildlife observation before returning to Acjanaco and leaving Manu National Park. Our picnic lunch and the impressive Andean panorama will make travelling an attractive part of the tour. Arrival at your hotel in Cusco in the early evening. (B, L)

Service includes

  • Private Transport
  • 3 nights in TAMBO PAITITI (Double room with private bathroom. Single- or triple room upon request)
  • meals as indicated (B = breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
  • Tour guide (English- and Spanish-speaking).

Recommended equipment

  • Binoculars
  • Camera + extra batteries
  • Flash-light + extra batteries
  • Sunscreen lotion (SPF at least 30)
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal toiletries and medications
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Long pants
  • Hiking boots
  • Sneakers/ sandals                        
  • Rain suit
  • Swimsuit

Pre-Tour Information & Overnight Stay


in the Cloud Forest of the Manu National Park


Our way to the Manu

The Manu National Park is part of the Manu Biosphere Reserve, which covers an area of 2 million hectares at altitudes and vegetation levels between 3.900 m/ 12.795 ft. and 300 m/ 984 ft. The partially unpaved road leads from Cusco through the Andean Highlands, crosses the Acjanaco Pass and descends through the Elfin Forest into the Cloud Forest.

The diverse way from Cusco through different landscapes and remote communities will be accompanied by our guide´s explanations about geography, history, culture and nature. This means travelling by bus to the Manu becomes an important component of the tour and a worthwhile experience.

The travelling time between Cusco and our Manu Lodge TAMBO PAITITI in the Manu Cloud Forest is about 5 hours. However, the actual duration of the journey depends on the number of stopovers during the journey which we are offering in order to enjoy our picnic and different scenic views and photographic opportunities. And of course, it also depends on road and weather conditions. A trail leads from the unpaved road to TAMBO PAITITI, it is a 10 - 15 minutes’ walk. (Please see also our notes on clothing & luggage).  The lodge is located at 1470 m/ 4823 ft. altitude.



You will travel through the Andean Highlands and descend the Eastern Slopes of the Andes to the Cloud Forest. Please be prepared for a variety of temperatures: In the Highland, it may feel like summer when the sun comes out but it always remains chilly in the shadow and quite cold in the early morning and after sunset.  

In the Cloud Forest the average temperature lies about 19°C/ 66°F. Occasionally occurring cold fronts can lower the temperatures even in the jungle under 10° C/ 50°F. Rainfalls are usual throughout the year, not only during the so-called rainy season between November and April.


Baggage/ Clothing

During your journey through the Andean Highland you will cross two passes above 3.000 m/ 9.843 ft., please be prepared and take some warm clothing, also for possible fresh nights in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. A rain suit is an indispensable part of your equipment.

Do not use flashy colored clothes; otherwise you will be detected by any wild animal before having even the chance to see it.

Because of the humidity in the jungle you should store your clothes in waterproof bags and always pack away unneeded clothes.


Mosquitoes are less annoying in the Cloud Forest than in the Lowlands, however, long sleeved shirts and trousers are the best protection, and we recommend to take along an insect repellent suitable for tropical climates.

In order to reach the lodge, you will have to walk about 10 – 15 minutes on a jungle trail. Please consider this by selecting your luggage: it is far more convenient to take a backpack or a travelling bag on your jungle tour than a suitcase!


Accommodation in the Manu Eco Lodge TAMBO PAITITI

Our guests stay in (double) rooms with beds & mosquito nets and a roofed terrace for relaxing and wildlife observation. Each room has a private bathroom.

The Manu Eco Lodge TAMBO PAITITI has been built according to the traditional architecture of the natives. It is made of wood and thatched with palm leaves. The different platforms are connected by wooden bridges. Instead of glass windows we are offering a free view to nature from all platforms.


Private Bathroom

In TAMBO PAITITI all rooms include a private bathroom with WC and wash basin. Towels are provided.

*** Please use soap or shampoo only in the bathroom, not in the river. ***



Candle light will provide a friendly atmosphere in the lodge. We do not have no electricity at our lodge.

We recommend to recharge all batteries required for cameras or other equipment before starting the tour and, if necessary, take replacement batteries with you.

Cell phone coverage and internet connection are generally quite rare in the jungle; we have none of these technological achievements in or around our lodge. We are pleased to integrate this into our concept and invite you to turn off, tune out, decelerate your life and truly relax.

In specific cases, we could provide a generator. If required we ask you to contact us at least two weeks before the tour starts.


Wildlife observation

In TAMBO PAITITI you have the chance to observe animals even from your own room. And also the balconies and viewing terraces of all platforms are designed to look directly into nature. In addition, our guests can use our observation tower.


Meals/ Drinks

During the journey, we will serve a picnic and soft drinks. In TAMBO PAITITI you will be provided with full board, you are welcome to an unlimited consumption of bottled water and hot drinks.

For your journey by bus and the hikes around the lodge we recommend to take a plastic bottle (at least 0.5 liters) which can be refilled with bottled water.


Health/ Vaccinations

You should take general precautions for your trip to Peru by a vaccination against Hepatitis-A.

A yellow fever vaccination is recommended (at least 10 days prior to the departure of your jungle tour).

A Malaria prophylaxis is not necessary for a visit to the Manu Cloud Forest!


Pre Tour Briefing

On the evening before the tour starts our guide will meet you in order to explain the itinerary and clarify any further question.

Time and place: On the day before the tour starts, at 6:30 p.m. in your hotel in Cusco. An alternative date would be possible upon request.


Recommended equipment

  • Binoculars
  • Camera + extra batteries (recharged)
  • Flash-light + extra batteries
  • Sunscreen lotion (SPF at least 30)
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal toiletries and medications
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Long pants
  • Hiking shoes/ boots
  • Sneakers/ sandals
  • Rain suit
  • Swimsuit
  • USD per person (Group tour from 2 participants, maximum of 8 participants) USD/ pax: 755
  • Family Rate (4 or more members) USD per person: USD/ pax: 665
  • Please contact us for further family and group rates
  • You can also book this tour as private service
  • Departures upon request
Manu National Park Cloud Forest
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